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$16.2 Million to $1 Million Debt in a Year – Nightmare Lottery Win

Nightmare year for questionably lucky lottery winner.

Back in 1988 one lucky man named  won $16.2 million on the Pennsylvania lottery, but it soon went up in smoke and within a year he was $1 million in debt!

He invested a huge amount of money into the family business which quickly went into the red and sank, but not before his girlfriend left then sued him for a third of his winnings – and his own brother even hired a hitman to kill him and cash in on the inheritance!

After a disastrous year he ended up $1 million in debt and got arrested for firing his gun over the head of a debt collector!

He was quoted as saying: “I wish it never happened” and “I was much happier when I was broke” by the Washington Post.

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