$3M Lottery Winner Gets Caught Up In Huge Meth Bust

After winning big, a shady investment lands him him jail!

After a man named Ronnie Music Jr. bought a scratch car and won a huge $3,000,000 he decided, rather unwisely, to invest it all in a massive shipment of meth, which unsurprisingly didn’t turn out to well.

Music invested in a meth ring and was now the official kingpin, with underlings caught shifting 11 ponds of meth, worth around $500,000 on the streets. Music was eventually busted with over $1,000,000 in meth, luxury cars, heavy firearms, mountains of ammunition and $600,000 in cash.

He’s now looking at possible life imprisonment for pleading guilty to federal firearm and drug charges. From winner to loser on the Facepalm highway!

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