Bungling Criminal Seeks Attention But Gets Burned

Dumb criminal looking to gain a reputation gets nothing but charred

2015 in Croatia and a long-time career criminal named Bojan Bešić is once again transferred to solitary confinement for his ‘exceptional’ behavior. He was no stranger to this area of the prison and the padded rubber walls inside, but this time he managed to smuggle in a lighter, which he planned to use and get the guards come running to help, but instead backfired when he killed himself in his own cell.

In a heavily edited video you can see the plucky criminal stroll into the corner of the room with his hands cuffed and casually set fire to the rubber walls with his lighter then strut around pleased with himself. However, not long after he seems notably perturbed when he realizes that he’ll suffocate before the guards get there!

Well done, Bojan. Well done!

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