Burglar Caught By Bad Taste in Shoes

A Pair of Crocs land a man in jail

This undated image from a surveillance video released by the Fairbanks, Alaska, Police Department shows Roland Huntington Grace. Crocs plastic shoes left tread marks that helped link Grace to downtown burglaries, authorities said. (Fairbanks Police Department via AP)

A burglar in Fairbanks, Alaska was caught by police after he was tracked down sporting a pair of terrible Crocs shoes!

Roland Huntington Grace was well known for wearing Crocs shoes and evidence, including shoe tread patterns, gathered at the scene of the crime lead them to the conclusion that Grace was their culprit!

Once taken to court and questioned Grace reportedly admitted to the burglaries and many others, including one for $5, another for #30 and the largest for $400. He was then also linked to another burglary at a nearby gallery where he looted $1,000 of artists’ jewelry.

If you’re going to be caught because of clothing, best to make it something a little less embarrassing!

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