Lucky Shot Blasts Tumor Away

Man attempts suicide to end misery but finds new lease of life!

Steve Huey was terminally ill with cancer and had a brain tumor that was killing him slowly. He was fed up and could not bare the thought of a slow and agonizing death so he decided to end it all with a single gun shot to the brain; the bullet hit just the right spot though and blew the tumor out of his head!

Against all odds – 254 million to one to be precise – the bullet he meant to end his life actually missed all the vital parts of the brain and blew the tumor out. He’s been strongly urged to make the most of his luck by investing heavily in lottery tickets!

Doctors caution others not to try this as the odds are stacked heavily against them. For his part however, Steve is writing a book and has auctioned off the story, the gun and apparently even the tumor!

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