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The Top 10 Most Hilarious Translation Mistakes

A lot of things do get lost in translation. Sometimes, though, there are certain words added that give a sentence a whole new meaning. In most cases, these actually end up being quite hilarious. Let’s take a look at the ones that really take the cake:

1.      A Grain of Truth

You can’t exactly say that the sign has it wrong. However, this is probably not the point that they were trying to get across. At least, it is food for thought.

2.      The Sleeping Grass

Well, this is definitely the nicest possible way to tell people to stay off the grass. Also, on the plus side, you now know what sleeping grass looks like.

3.      The Special Parking Spot

If you are an uncle, you are in luck – there is a parking section that is just for you. Of course, there is no explanation for why uncles need their very own spot.

4.      Heed the Warning, Glass

In this place, glass is held accountable for its actions. At the very least, though, it is given a warning ahead of time. So, if you are glass, tread carefully.

5.      The Misleading Sign

You know, in some places, this may be considered stealing. At least this creative grammar makes it sound a little more appealing.

6.      Time Heals All Wounds

The Spanish portion of the note is trying to warn all those passing by that the paint is still wet. The English version, however, has a much deeper meaning.

7.      The Most Painful Grooming Process Ever

Well, hypothetically, this could be a manicure set if you try hard enough. Of course, they would most likely feel like torture tools, though. This is a fail that could end in a lot of pain.

8.      Unintentional Text Speak

What’s great about this translation gaffe is that you can still understand exactly what the sign is trying to say. At the same time, the “Q” really does make all the difference.

9.      Congratulations Are In Order…

In case you think that you have seen it all, here are some bags that are expecting. It’s interesting to consider just what the sign meant to say in the first place…

10. A Bold Fashion Statement

This plant’s fashion choices has everyone worried. It’s probably a good idea to avoid it just in case.

As these translation fails show, it is probably not a good idea to trust the internet with your translations.

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