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The Top 10 News Fails That Will Have You in Stitches

Now, you probably rely on your local and international news to publish or show factual and well-researched stories. Well, the truth is that they don’t always get it right. Here are some of the instances when it all went hilariously wrong:

1.     The Goat Wars

The Argus essentially told its readers that there was a war on the brink of breaking out between human and goats. The newspaper misprinted questions from a concerned reader and it wound up being quoted in the article. It goes so far to say that “the 21st century will be remembered for a terrible war between mankind and goats” and that goats kill up to two million people a year. The newspaper quickly followed up with an apology article.

2.     An Obvious Point

A headline on The Express Times declared that “Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police”. Presumably, the writer meant to talk about those that witnessed the crime but the headline didn’t really get that point across. Instead, readers were left wondering just how that mistake found its way into their day’s headline.

3.     Hmm, I Wonder Why

A study in a 1999 article stated that “Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after 25”. This isn’t just a misleading headline, it is completely laughable. After all, you would assume that once someone is no longer a teenager, they can’t be considered a teen mom!

4.     An Unfortunate Layout

The Toronto Star had two top stories on its front page for one of its issues. The only problem was the headlines that they chose to print side by side. They read as such – “Palin aims, fires” which was followed by a completely unrelated story “Direct Attack Kills 3 Soldiers”. What were the odds of this happening?

5.     The Headline That Gave Up

Sometimes, you do wonder what the editor was doing before a newspaper was published. This is definitely the case in a headline that read “Headingtptptptpttptptp”. It was absolutely nonsensical and looked more like someone had simply fallen asleep at their keyboard while typing.

6.     What’s The Catchphrase Again?

The Times of India had the right idea but the wrong words to play around with. In commemoration of James Rodriguez, a soccer star’s spectacular performance, they titled their article, “The name is Bond, James Rodriguez”. There was no connection to be made so they really should have just left that one alone.

7.     The Healthcare Scare

One newspaper headline declared that “Hospitals Resort to Hiring Doctors”. As you can imagine, this had more than a few people wondering just who had been treating them all of this time. Clearly, a few more words should have been added to that headline to clear things up.


8.     An Unintentional Message

A group of women were attempting to thank a man for a shopping trip that he had arranged for them. However what the newspaper announcement read was: “Congratulations! George Brownridge for pleasing 15 women for an entire day! We were all exhausted and satisfied and we look forward to next year…” The embarrassed women had to print a longer explanation when the announcement was read in a completely different manner.


9.     Drugs and Rock n Roll

The Sentinel had to publish an apology after they accidentally misprinted that a singer claimed a band member was on drugs. What the singer had actually said was that the man was “on drums”. I guess that was an easy enough mistake to make?


10.            Oh No, That’s Terrible!

One newspaper informed their readers that “Students Cook & Serve Grandparents”. Now, obviously, they meant to say that the students cooked for their grandparents but instead ended up with a much more disturbing title!

All of these articles show that there is nothing wrong with double checking your work, no matter how confident you are about it!

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