The Top 10 Pranks That Went Hilariously Wrong

There is no denying that pranks are one of the funniest activities ever. The only thing that is more hilarious, in fact, is when these jokes backfire on the prankster. Here are some of the most memorable ones:

1.      The Escape Artist

A man thought that he would have a little fun by rigging his friend’s computer to have a scary face pop up just as he jumped out of from his hiding place with a mask on. Of course, he couldn’t have predicted that his friend would fight him off with a lamp, throw a printer through the window, and then escape through the impromptu exit he had created. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.


2.      The “Coke Dealers”

A group of people thought that they would have a little play on words fun. So, they decided to start selling “Coke” out of the back of their car. Well, their acting skills must have been a little too believable because a Good Samaritan reported them to the police. The group was even handcuffed before the police realized that the only thing that they had in their possession was cans of Coke soda.


3.      Don’t Mess With a Fighter

Some friends set up a fake mugging to see how people around them would react. What they didn’t take into account was one of the bystanders being a fighter. The pretend mugger ends up with a foot to the face and a very painful reminder of how jokes can go wrong.


4.      The Horror Movie Fail

As a promotional effort for The Conjuring 2, a team decided to prank some of the moviegoers. An unsuspecting person was ushered into a creepy room where a ghost-like nun appeared in the mirror and then another one appeared from the shadows to their side. The prank was successfully executed except for when one prankee threw a plastic bottle at the second nun’s head in a panic. The two ended on good terms with a hug, though.


5.      The Karmic Dunking

People pushing other people into pools has probably been going on for as long as we have been standing next to bodies of water. The only thing that is funnier than when this prank goes right is when the perpetrator gets a taste of their medicine. Take, for instance, the man who tripped and fell into the pool after losing his balance when he pushed his friend in.


6.      The Unexpected Response

A woman tried to prank her boyfriend by pretending that she had cut her hand quite badly. When her boyfriend rushed over to her house, he found a very grisly scene indeed. What the prankster didn’t consider was her partner fainting at the sight of all of that ‘blood’! Fortunately, the boyfriend had a good sense of humor and laughed about it later.


7.      The Shovel That Backfired

A man carefully adjusted the handle of a shovel in between his friend’s leg as he was occupied with something else. His goal was to step on the shovel and hit his friend in a rather painful area. Unfortunately for him, his friend stepped forward at precisely the moment that he stepped on the shovel, causing the handle to hit the prankster in the face instead!


8.      The Guy Who Survives the Horror Movie

There is probably nothing creepier than a ghost-like or ghoulish child. Except for when they appear in a confined space like an elevator. Well, someone thought that it would be funny to prank a grown man this way. He, however, took the initiate to kick the girl in the face and escape as fast as he could. Clearly, he wasn’t messing around.


9.      The Birthday Prank That Spawned a Police Search

Some friends decided to surprise their pals (who were a couple) with a weekend getaway as a birthday present. However, they had quite an elaborate setup going so far as to pretend to kidnap the couple. Unfortunately, this was caught on camera, leading the police to go on a massive hunt. When the truth was discovered, though, no one was charged.


10. The Failed Chair Prank

While his friend was chilling in a chair, a boy decided it would be fun to kick one of the chair legs so that it would give away and his friend would fall. By some miracle, though, the chair remained standing with only three legs and it was only the prankster that ended up falling on his face.


This just goes to show that you need to think about all of the possible outcomes of your pranks so that you don’t get it wrong.

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