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The Top 12 Craziest Menu Fails

Menu Fails

Sometimes it is clear that restaurants haven’t been paying attention to their menu. How can you tell this? Well, some truly crazy dishes have shown up on them. Here are some of the most insane additions that people have come across… hopefully, these weren’t actual dishes.

1.    The Horrifying Secret Ingredient

Menu Fails

The only people that will enjoy this dish are cannibals so really, they should be ashamed ashamed.


2.    The Unhealthiest Dish

Menu Fails


Now, eating out isn’t considered to be all that healthy but it seems like it would be a good idea to stay away from this one if you don’t want to pile on the pounds.



3.    The Unfaithful Meat and Vegetables


Menu Fails


If you thought that humans were the only ones who had trouble with monogamy, think again. These meat and vegetables seem to have just as much trouble with cheating.


4.    The Menu That Gave Up

Menu Fails

This restaurant is brutally honest about what they are serving. Either that, or they have just given up. At least there is some variety, I guess.




5.    The Poetic Menu Option

Menu Fails


Clearly they were hoping to get descriptive with this dish but failed spectacularly. Also, just what are they trying to say?


6.    Apparently There is An Automatic Option Too

Menu Fails


This might not seem like the most obvious thing to bring up about this menu entry but apparently, cats’ ears can be manual.


7.    The Mystery Meat Dish

Menu Fails


When you are at a new restaurant, it is normal to not know what you are going to get. In this case, the chef doesn’t seem all that sure about what he is cooking up either.


8.    Salad With a Side Of…

Menu Fails


If you thought that you had heard of all the salad dressings possible, think again. Well, at least the restaurant is working to give their customers more aromatic options.

9.    The Food That Couldn’t Be Explained


Menu Fails


The chef is not one to mince words but you can get your nonsense one of two ways – boiled or fried. The choice is up to you.


10. Well At Least They Are Happy

Menu Fails


Not only is this entry quite horrifying, you also have to wonder – how did they manage to fit an entire family into a casserole? This is just one of the many questions to take up with the restaurant.


11. It’s Hard to Just Pick One

Menu Fails


If you plan on eating at this restaurant, you better have your sense of adventure with you. There really is no saying what you will end up with.


12. A Broken Dish

Menu Fails


If you happen to order this dish, you won’t even be getting a whole sea lampshade – just a broken one! This also begs the question, what is a sea lampshade?


You should definitely beware if you choose to eat at any of these dining establishments. The menus don’t look promising!

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