Top 10 Dumbest Crimes to Ever Be Committed

While a criminal mastermind may come along every now and then, most common criminals tend to be less spectacular. In fact, you could probably say that many of the crimes were absolute fails. Here is a roundup of the most ridiculous ones to be committed or attempted:

1. The Permanent Marker Masked Robbers

The key to not getting caught after a robbery is to make sure that no one can identify you which is why most thieves wear masks. There were two would-be robbers though, who decided to think a little too far outside of the box – they drew theirs on in permanent marker. The men had decided to scribble all over their faces in black marker so that they would not be recognized. After attempting to break into a home, the men fled and were promptly caught by the police. As you can imagine, their mug shots are truly unique.

2. Car Thief in Distress

If you thought that all car thieves were slick, think again. One man actually managed to get himself locked inside the very vehicle that he was trying to steal. Why? He hadn’t realized that the car had auto-lock which meant that he had gotten locked in the second that the doors closed. The owner returned almost two hours later to find the man still there at which point she called the police. Needless to say, it was the easiest crime that they ever had to solve.

3. The Inattentive Bar Thieves

Sometimes it pays to focus on what is going on around you. Two thieves learned that the hard way when they robbed a bar that was hosting a retirement party for a police officer. The arrest didn’t take too long considering that there were more than a few off-duty cops on hand.

4. Possession of a Deadly Banana

When one man lost his temper, he reached the first thing that he could get his hands on – a banana and threw it at his girlfriend. When the girlfriend reported it to the authorities, he resisted arrest and eventually had to be pepper sprayed. He was then charged with both domestic battery as well as resisting arrest.

5. The Social Media Criminal

These days, it can be hard to stop yourself from posting every detail of your life on social media. This was clearly the case for a robber who decided to take a selfie of himself before a robbery along with a caption that detailed his plan of action. It only took the police fifteen minutes to catch him, along with the money that he stole.

6. The Prison Break Reverse

Usually, you hear about people trying to break out of prison but this time, one man decided to flip the script. After the loss of his mother, the man got intoxicated and headed to the nearest jail that he could find. He then tried to climb a fence at the back of the jail only to be caught. Interestingly enough, he wasn’t sent to prison and was admitted to a rehab center instead.

7. The Helpful Bank Robber

One thief wasn’t satisfied that he had gotten away with robbing a bank so he decided to have some fun with the police. He sent numerous emails to them informing that they had gotten some of the details about him and the robbery wrong. This correspondence ended quite quickly when the police tracked him down via the emails and arrested him.

8. The Sleeping Criminal

Crime is hard work as criminals will tell you. This might explain why a man fell asleep in the same house that he was robbing. He was found by a maid that happened to walk in and find him fast asleep on the bed with a bag of jewelry that he was stealing. He was still sleeping when the police arrived.

9. Coupons Are No Laughing Matter

Sure, coupons can help you shave off a ton of money of your grocery bill. However, would you pull a gun on someone over $1 worth of coupons? Well, this is exactly what one middle-aged woman did to some shop assistants after realizing that she wouldn’t be saving a dollar. The stand-off situation only ended when the woman was tasered by cops.

10. “Marco?” “Polo!”

Who can resist a good game of Marco Polo? Apparently, not even criminals can. A man decided to walk out of a restaurant without paying his tab and walk into the closest abandoned building. After the police were informed of his whereabouts, they went in. One police officer jokingly called out “Marco” and was shocked to hear the thief reply “Polo”, telling them exactly where he was!
These were the dumbest crimes that have ever been committed in the last few years. Hopefully, criminals don’t start to smarten up anytime soon.

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