50 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks

Upvote your fave photos of cats acting naughty as you scroll down below into the wild lands of feline jerkitude. And don’t forget to share any similar pics of your meanie meowhole felines in the comment section. Need some more proof that far from every feline is a noble big cat with a regal bearing and great meowners? Check out Part 1 of our series about independent and curious cat pranksters right here. How we act around cats can have a real effect on how they behave. For instance, one study showed that cats were much more social and spent much more time with people who were paying attention to them than people who were ignoring them.

One way to ensure that your cat is giving you the love, attention, and affection that you deserve is to give what you expect to receive, take proper care of your pet, and build bonds of friendship bit by tiny bit. That involves feeding your pet a healthy diet, giving it enough exercise, and showering it with attention. And even though some individual animals are big ol’ meanies no matter what you do, they’ll be more likely to stop pooping in your shoes and knocking stuff off the kitchen counter to get your attention if they know they’re being looked after by their loyal butlers (aka us).

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Guys Maintenance Tried To Visit My House Today And Only Left This On The Door. I’m Crying

Ha, ha, ha!

Yelled At Him For Being On The Counter, Now He’s Taunting Me

Oh, he’s a sly one.

No Regrets

The cat looks rather self-satisfied.

The PDSA told us that owners who want their felines to be slimmer and healthier should always weigh out their pets’ food and choose a diet that’s appropriate for their life stage and activity levels. This means toning down feeding your cat anything and everything in your kitchen and even speaking with your vet or nurse about what they’d recommend for your pet.

I Am Above Reading, Peasants

The cat is a rule breaker.

He’s On A Diet. It’s Not Going Great

If I were on a diet, I’d be rummaging through the trash too. I love the cat’s expression.

An Assassin In Feline Form

Smother. Well, at least you know that your cat loves you.

“Mom? Halp”

The poor bunny looks worried.

My Cat Just Came Back From One Of Her Evening Strolls With Someone Else’s Keys In Her Mouth

The smirk says it all…

My Cat, Deeply Asleep With The Last Piece Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. We’ve Been Searching For It For 10 Minutes

Lovely photo of a cat, sleeping the sleep of the innocents.

However, while at home, you should also do your best to play lots of interactive games with your cat to help them get up and about.

“Fishing rod-style toys are great for this but encouraging jumping, running, and playing will help and some cats can even be trained to play ‘fetch’ and will love the time spent with you,” the PDSA explained. You’ll get your cat moving, you’ll spend quality time together and, who knows, all that extra movement might just be useful for pet owners as well.

The Cat Loves To Show Herself During The Daughter’s Virtual Classes

That girls face is priceless it sums it up so well!

Every Time I Straighten Them, Stevie Jumps Up And “Fixes” Them

“They’re much nicer this way, hooman. Please have your eyesight checked.”

My Cat Fell Asleep In My Salad

If I fits, I sits, I sleeps.

Turned My Back For A Minute And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice

LOL The cat thought that it was a new litter box.

Derp Eats Succulent

“STILL not peyote buttunz…”

I Bet That Cat Was Looking Straight At The Painter The Whole Time

We have just had some gas pipes replaced in the garden and the following morning I went out to discover that in the concrete was a set of footprints, which led to a sleeping cat. Some people just aren’t cut out to be criminals.. Ha ha ha..

My Cat Furgus. He Also Doubles Up As A Step

Furgus! What a name! What a cute cat!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I have a scratching post right next to the couch. I regularly spray it with catnip. Guess where she scratches her nails…

My Wife And I Were Switching Seats And As Soon As We Got Out Our Cat Diesel Stepped On The Lock Button And Locked Us Out

“Heh, heh, heh.” Beautiful Bengal, though.

Quarantine – Day 4

Knives out!

It’s Hard To Work With A Cat Around

He likes apples

Just Why

Cats like bags, and they like bread. I like your trivet, by the way.

My Name Is Atticus. I Was In The ICU For 2 Days But It Turns Out I Was Just Constipated. My Giant Turd Cost $2,536

My craps are more expensive than a small Louis Vuitton purse. I’m that fabulous.

That cat’s face…

Max Must Not Be Allowed In The Library

Max just wants to borrow a book.

Heard My Husband Screaming While In The Shower… Walked In On This

Do you live in the Bates Motel?

My Neighbor’s Cat Drops By Every Once In A While To Stick His Head Through The Window And Scream At My Cat

This one is pretty funny.

Got A New Kitten Who Has No Fear, This Is How I Have To Eat Every Meal Now

If he’s staying back from the squirt gun, then he has one fear.

Bro, Can I Just Get A Moment Alone? What’s Wrong With This Creature

Grooming is important.

Next Level

Can I hug the world’s worst cat?

She Didn’t Have A Problem With It Until We Were 2 Hours Away From Home, Then Suddenly It Was A Huge Problem

“Hey, I was just enjoying the ride.”

Egg Thief

lol. They eyes though

I Can Only Imagine What The Owner Must Have Been Through

lol 🤣

The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner, And Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One

We’d still eat them.

Got Blocked By FB Friends Because Of This Little Jerk

Look at that wee kitty!

I Needed To Use The Restroom And Saw This Instead

Aww, look at those eyes~

He Thinks He Has Plenty Of Game

oh my ,

My Cat Loves To Shred Toilet Paper. Today, She Found My Entire Stash

The look on her face! You’re doomed…….

I Wanted My Cat To Go To The Vet. My Cat Didn’t Want To Go. So We Compromised And I Went To Urgent Care

No human, how about you go to the vet! Activate sharp pointy kitty mode!

Look At Her Living Life Like She Pays Her Own Vet Bills

I hate when they do that. It makes me feel real uncomfortable. I got few scratches by “saving” my cat from the ledge (she didn’t appreciate it).

Cat Returns With Sausage Stolen From Unknown Neighbors BBQ

That is one resourceful cat.

Thanks For Ruining My Breakfast

The cat simply warmed the toast for you~

My Cat Just Bit The Corner Of My MacBook And Now My Screen Is Cracked

Hahaha your cat looks like a bit cracked now hahahaha that face haha

Spent A Week On This Puzzle

“What puzzle?”

I Like Pizza


And It’s Ruined

It’s a paint brush 😀

I Think This Fits Here

Oh, s**t!

My Sister Is Babysitting My Cat, Benny. He’s Very Demanding

Male cameo cats can be weird. My parents cat is an excellent example of that.

Clean Me, Hooman

‘I’m waiting’

Cat Left My Husband A Present This Morning

Oh, dear. The cat meant well. It probably thought that your husband was useless at catching his own food.

He Pushed My TV Off The Stand

Look at that face! And, he’s not sorry at all.

Went Missing Yesterday. Came Home Tonight About Two Hours After I’d Printed The Expensive Flyers. Jerk

One of my cats ran away for 25 hours back in July. That entire day was rough. We spent all night, all morning, all evening looking for her, to no avail. But, hooray, the cat came back on her own accord.

What do you think?

Written by Garry Jolly


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