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48 Concepts That Work Just Fine In Movies But Fail To Work In Real Life, As Pointed Out By Folks Online

A lot of us love to watch movies and TV shows as it helps to escape reality for a little while. But what if the things that are portrayed in the movies are so far from reality that it even makes it annoying to watch the rest of the movie? Someone online was curious to know these annoying little things that look so good on the screen but are actually nearly impossible to do or just don’t work that way in real life, so they asked Reddit users to share their remarks. The question “What looks fun in movies, but in real life is miserable?” received 6.5k answers that included things such as laying in tall grass, having to perform CPR on someone, or portraying difficult professions as an easy and cool job. Which one of these things mentioned do you find true? Or maybe there is something that is missing from this list? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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