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Man Riddled With Guilt After Realizing His Uber Eats Driver Thought He Was Yelling at Him When It Was Actually Directed Towards His Dog, He Releases a Formal TikTok Apology in Hopes That It Will Reach the Man

Anyone who has an easily startled animal living under their roof understands how frustrating it can be whenever somebody rings the doorbell. You can try to calmly get them away from the door, but many times, once they’re up and barking, they’ll need at least 5 minutes before they calm down. It’s okay though, obviously no one’s fault and nothing to get your panties in a twist about. One man, however, was clearly extra frustrated by his doggo when his uber eats delivery was arriving, he sternly tried to order his fluffy fella to get away from the door so he could get his food from the delivery man, but what he did not realize is that the delivery man thought he was yelling at him, and he swiftly walked away from the door in response to his customer’s orders. The whole exchange was caught on video, and damn, you can see why this guy feels so guilty.

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