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Professional Home Inspectors on TikTok Hilariously Rag on House Flippers for Their Cheap “Fixes”

The housing market is bonkers right now—prices are not only through the roof, but “house flippers” are also “flipping” old homes just to upsell them and you might just fall through the roof. Thank god for home inspectors! Whether you’re about to drop $200k (not sure where, but I’m sure there are places somewhere still that cheap…) or $1 million (also, don’t know where you’re getting that kind of money unless you’re part of the 1%…) you should get your home inspected. Even brand new homes aren’t up to code. But it’s flippers that truly are the bane of home buyers’ existence. They’re keeping home inspectors employed and busy, that’s for sure! It’s just insane some of the things these sellers think they can get away with. Wood that you take on step on and you’ll fall right through; appliances that you can’t even open to use; rain spouts that are put together with duct tape. Like, how can you even in good conscience sell a place like that to somebody?? Because of these “house flippers,” home inspectors are becoming home buyers’ heroes

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