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TikToker is Getting Trolled by Small Town Religious Group the Hutterites for Joking About Them Going to the Gym

TikTok Christian W. Poole is like any other TikToker just trying to have fun with the app and share a little bit of their life with the world. Not too long ago he passed a huge group of Hutterites leaving a GNC store with a ton of bags. GNC is known for it’s workout-centric merchandise, like whey protein, vitamins, etc. So Poole made a joke that the Hutterites were trying to get swole. It’s a pretty harmless and funny joke to think about a religious group of people who dress similar to the Amish and have similar societal ideals setting up a gym on their farm and making protein shakes and working out. It was some harmless fun… But apparently no to the Hutterites. 

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