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40 Introvert Jokes That Show What Less Talkative People Feel

Being a specimen of an introvert personality, I’ve never met another introvert who wasn’t proud of being such. Come to think of it; I only know just one other introvert of the same level as me. Out of like twenty people I know. Anyhoo, talking with other introverts, it seems like we’re some kind of a special breed, as if we know something that others don’t. Which is highly likely for us, the introverts, who spend that much more time gathering all kinds of interesting info and insights unknown to those who love to be surrounded by people and at the center of attention at all times (that literally just sent a shiver down my spine). However, I do admit that being introverted presents its fair share of challenges, especially in social situations. But, being as wise as we are, the best thing to do is to laugh about our shortcomings. If you agree, you will find this list of introvert jokes not only highly relatable but also hilariously funny.

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