40 Times People Had Such ‘Genius’ Solutions To Various Problems, They Got Posted On ‘Redneck Engineering

Don’t you ever feel like we take things too seriously? I mean, if the heating stops working, there are many very questionable, yet bizarrely ingenious ways to go about it—like putting a fan next to the oven. It’s totally not smart, not safe, it doesn’t work, and it’s basically a plain horrible idea.

But in the bizarre and crazy world of “Redneck Engineering,” things are always far from the norm. Before we step into the Reddit community r/RedNeckEngineering, I should warn you not to try this at home under any circumstances. Because safety will likely be breached, and the gadgets you’ll see will raise an alarming level of suspicion.

So let’s see what the buzz is all about in this hilarious subreddit with 354k members that has been rolling since 2013. Whether it’s a curse or a blessing, we will find out.

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Touchless Dispenser


For Remote Teaching Without A Document Camera

oooh, I can’t upvote this more, so so resourceful

Protection From Escaping

If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

For example, “It can range from something as common as using a hand mirror to replace a side-view mirror to something complex like building a backyard water slide with a loop-de-loop.” The members of the subreddit give “bonus points if it’d make an OSHA inspector cringe.”

Found This Fork In My Brothers House And Asked Him Why He Had Done It…. Then He Ran Upstairs To Grab His iPad

The iq of this man is to high to be human

When You Ask A Welder To Fix Something For You

*snaps off other mirror on purpose* can you fix this mirror too?

Looks Level To Me

This isn’t redneck- it’s brilliant

The biggest difference between now and the old days in 2013 when r/RedneckEngineering was created is growth. The founder said that he used to be responsible for most of the posts, but the community has become really self-sustaining over time.

When it comes to submissions, you’ll see all kinds of bizarre makeshift gadgets and very questionable workarounds. Most posts generally come from people finding “low-budget workarounds to everyday problems with a few high-effort engineering projects and other submissions sprinkled in.”

My 12 Year Old Son Modified His Bike With Carpet For Barefoot Riding

This kid is going places… no pun intended

Fixed The Gate Problem…

That’s cool

A Whole Crap Load Of Amish Guys Moving A Barn

Why is it that we Africans use brick or concrete to build walls even though we don’t have hurricanes and tornados and america with it’s hurricanes are like… we’ll see which is the easiest thing for a bit of wind to blow away

Rear Parking Sensor

OK but I hope it squeaks really loudly

Master Lock 100

I have no words this is brilliant

Man Puts Chicken On Top Of Squeegee To Eat The Spiders Trapped In The Ceiling, Natural Pest Control

LMAO an actual chicken

Would Like To Buy This Guy A Beer And Hear His Story

I aspire to be him. Minus the vape.


2 korean student’s made a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them.

It annoys me every time I hear people complain about the amount of air in snack chip bags. 1.) The air is necessary, because without it, the chips would get crushed during shipment. 2.) THEY’RE SOLD BY WEIGHT. It doesn’t matter if there’s empty space in the bag, 5 ounces (or however much in a given bag) is 5 ounces. Learn to read labels

Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My Mn Apartment As It Reached -40°. But The Idiot Must Have Forgotten He Pays My Electric And Doesn’t Realize That I Value My Comfort Over Safety Or Energy Conservation.

Who the frick would let someone live in a house that is -40. Your landlord is an a*hole.

I’m Bad For Using Whatever Tool Is Handy As A Hammer, Usually A Crescent Wrench. My Husband Learned A Bit Of Welding And Redneck Engineered This For My Birthday

It also needs a knife, a fork, a toothpick, a corkscrew and a bottle opener!

Your Move, NASA

I’ve done this with a hair dryer… but you have to be careful not to melt the hair dryer

Whoever Built This Might Have A Phd In Redneck Engineering


Steering Wheel Broke, Needed To Finish The Yard. Thankfully I Know How To Drive A Stick

Nice Pun!

Local Chinese Restaurant. The Entire Kitchen Is Walled Off With Plastic. There’s A Cardboard Flap To Pass Money, And The Box On The Right Acts As An Airlock With Two Flaps To Pass The Food Through. It’s All Plastic Sheet, Cardboard And Duct Tape

Look for solutions, not problems 👍🏻

We Needed To Disassemble A Shelf In An Office And We Didn’t Have A Mallet. Rubber Bands + Hammer = Mallet

ain’t stupid if it works

Silent Killer Mkii

Don’t American cars get a yearly safety inspection??

My Life Has Been A Lie

Printer ink HAS to cost more than plywood

Use A Fishing Rod To Teach Your Son Baseball

No more accidentally hitting dad in the crown jewels with the bat or the ball.

Came Across This Picture And Wanted To Share

How does the driver see anything on the road?

*Beep Beep*

A guy who still has faith in humanity…

When Covid Requires Separate Climate Control In An Auto, What Can You Do?

That’s nice of him.

Grandpa: 1 Trash Panda: 0

Eco-friendly double lid.

Redneck Security System

South Africa every day… we also have contraptions for the steering wheel and also the pedals

Installed My Anti-Tailgater Device Today… Now I Just Need To Find Something For Folks Who Cut Me Off…

Oh! I just figured it out, took me a minute. So if someone is tailgating they will see the wrench, think it’s unsecured and back off.

This Is Why We Have The 2nd Amendment. So People Can Do This

Guns don’t kill people, toilet paper holders do!

Ran Out Of Washers So Drilled Through Some Pennies

Washers are more expensive…

Bought A Used Toy For My Kids At A Garage Sale. I Guess They Didn’t Have Any C Batteries. But They Did Have An Aa Battery And A Wood Dowel Though

You can do that?!

That’ll Do For Now, He Said. That Was 4 Years Ago

Technically it’s still “now”.

Gotta Love Uhaul

Technically yeah, but I’m pretty sure that is illegal. So they can likely end up paying much more…

50 Bucks Ain’t Too Bad. Just Gotta Watch The Toes

Imagine what would happen if this were to be ran on.

Are Russians The Rednecks Of Europe?

Ask Putin if Russia belongs to Europe…

Flex Seal Can Do Anything

That was unexpected

Text Means “Emergency Stop”

Wow… We have laws against such stuff and various instances who regularly check the safety standards. If any of those see this, s**t hits the fan.

Need To Relocate Your Switch?

I don’t understand what I am seeing here…

What do you think?

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