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50 Funny Yearbook Quotes That Are Almost Impossible Not To Laugh At

Graduation is, supposedly, the happiest day of your life so far – you are finally FREE. However, soon it dawns on you that this newly gained freedom isn’t exactly a glorious feeling; for now, you are even more confused and lost than before. And that, younglings, is the price you pay for being an adult capable of enjoying your freedoms. But, worry not, you get used to this feeling, so for now, let’s just maybe enjoy the last day of your twelve-year sentence. Now it is time to leave your mark for generations to come in your grade’s graduation album, something very profound to be remembered by. A smart quote peppered with top-notch humor and a bit of your own soul shining through. Something perhaps out of the repertoire of Dory the fish from Finding Nemo, or even better – a SpongeBob quote should bear the exact right amount of importance to make that everlasting mark of yours. We understand that you are too weary of doing research of your own for that golden quote, so, just like a good friend would, we are offering you a helping hand with our list of funny senior quotes for you to choose from!

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