High School Teachers Vs College Professors

Hahaha Pinky swear! Priceless

Print and frame! Print and frame! NOW! Legendary

Mashed potatoes and hungover professor. That’s not how they sell it on the brochures

Not sure about that. I had some of the high school teachers who were clear and explicit about their political views.

And there isn’t even a traffic jam. lol He just doesn’t want to go teach today.

And then it’s two pages of different tables and pie charts.

Lil’ Al all the way.


You can’t send out a message like that without sharing said dumb story.

Because the high school teachers were talking about THEIR professors. Times have changed.

Every day…

well now I’m going to college in search of milkduds

“as the youths say”…. haha

A bit off topic, but damn, I miss the karaoke…. Been in abstinence since the pandemic started….

Didn’t even bother to write it neatly. This guy is a real maverick!

OUR professor

Especially if the university has several buildings and the professors have to travel between them.

“I’m mourning my fish. It drowned. ” Added to my list of valid excuses to skip meetings.

the chairs are an upgrade from high school

Seriously had a professor go “Tomorrow come 30 minutes later because it’s a Champions League night”.

Valid question for both high school and college. If you weren’t paying attention in class, you might very well get this wrong

I want to see that

What do you think?

Written by Garry Jolly


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