Tripadvisor Reviews On Popular UK Tourist Attractions

Some people are impossible to impress. Imagine a person who looks at a 5,000-year-old monument and downplays it as a pile of rocks. Or someone who goes to a castle that was originally built in 1068 and calls it a ‘Disneyland wannabe’.

They shouldn’t be allowed to visit the United Kingdom. But they’re not only traveling to the country, they’re trashing it public on Tripadvisor, leaving one-star reviews to some of the world’s top attractions.

I just hope they’re doing it as a joke, otherwise we have to call the Queen and tell her she needs to sign a few deportation papers ASAP!

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He’s right! We’ve been fooled all these years!

The United Kingdom is the 10th biggest tourist destination in the world, with over 37 million visiting the country in 2018. The tourism industry contributed to £213 ($284) billion to the country’s GDP in 2017, and this number is expected to grow to £265 ($353) billion by 2028.

Tripadvisor itself describes it as “a country filled with epic landscapes, fairy-tales castles and vibrant modern cities bursting with unforgettable experiences to share. Whether it’s gazing at the London skyline from the top of iconic St Paul’s and sipping the finest single malt whisky in a pub in the Scottish Highlands, or tracing footsteps of Banksy in Bristol, discovering musical legends in Liverpool and exploring the history of Cardiff Castle in the stunning heart of Wales, there’s a Britain that’s perfect for you.”

What do you expect….. it’s bloody Scotland we dinny care of you have a wet butt

But don’t worry even if you visit the UK just for one night and the only place you go to is the pub. British people tend to find humor everywhere, including dark or bad situations. However, they often use sarcasm and take the occasional stab at someone else’s expense, so it’s important not to take these jokes to heart as they are only meant in jest.

To even suggest knocking down Stonehenge for an arcade is unthinkable. But if you’re going to replace it with Funfair, I’m in!

Well, this one isn’t all that wrong lol. It’s just that the Queens grandfather clock is bigger than yours.

A bit over embellished about risking your life having that photo taken. It is a pedestrian crossing and cars are meant to give way.

this museum is amazing!! easy to reach, no entrance fee and really great paintings! it is a must visit for me every time i am in London

Roll down and hopefully you land in some thistles!

Spectacular as it may seem, I wouldn’t pay 13 GBP to see it either tbh 🙁

Defiantly – adv: in a manner that shows resistance and/or refusal (v: to defy – to resist, to refuse). Definitely – adv: without any doubts.

“Not an actual eye” I hate that people like this have drivers licenses.

Philistine. It’s a beautiful place.

I don’t think they quite understand the 5 star rating system


Not even by the fact that the highest point in the castle is occupied by aa chapel dedicated to those who fought and died in the service for the freedom of Scotland and the rest of the UK?

No shit, Sherlock! A ferris wheel? Really?

I love Warwick Castle, it’s a beautiful building and they show you how it was used with displays and mannequins as well as live performances, but the added costs on top of an expensive ticket are ridiculous.

Worst. Aircraft. Ever.

Nothing makes a day worthwhile like harassing another person

This is actually a decent review. It warns me never to go as I hate super touristy places and I loathe crowds

Correction my dear Edinburgh castle is Scottish not English, so it’s the Scots bragging and rightly so lol

Yeah! Stick em’ in little cages so I can see it!!!

Agreed with the entry fees part …

Could skip the culture and just go to the pub. Your choice

What is it with people an wanting historical sites to be destroyed or changed just so they (the people who want this) can enjoy the fact that a historical landmark was ruined for them. Like wtf?!

Do any of these people actually know the history of Stonehenge or do they just think it’s a pile of rocks? Also on a side note, do they offer helicopter tours that fly over Stonehenge? You can see what it is better from an aerial view.

What do you think?

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