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159 Parenting Jokes That Might Help You Appreciate Parenthood Even More

What’s so funny about parenting? The fact that you have to deal with one too many wildings each day, from dusk until dawn? The preaching of the always tired gospel? Or the fact that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a moment for yourself? Well, to be honest, none of these things are funny, but since most of us go through this process, we’ve found a way to cope with the state of parenthood. You know what we mean – laughter is the best medicine and the best way to take it is to laugh at some parenting jokes that tell nothing but the universal truth of raising kids. Thus, here we are, with our collection of hilarious, albeit painfully relatable jokes, formulated for moms and dads, but amusing to all. Except for the culprits of these jokes, maybe. 

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