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“Australia Is Wider Than The Moon”: 35 Mind-Blowing Geography Facts They Never Taught You In School

Quick, pop quiz! Can you tell me how many square kilometers Canada is? How about the largest state in the US? (Hint: It’s not Texas.) Do you know off the top of your head how large Chile is? Okay, don’t panic. You’re not in high school anymore, and this won’t be graded. But if it’s been a while since you’ve looked at a map or you’ve never gone in depth with your geography studies, you just might learn a thing or two from this list. Reddit user storm1902 reached out asking for the most mind-blowing geography facts readers had, and their answers did not disappoint. Enjoy learning these facts that might give you a new perspective on our beautiful planet, and be sure to upvote all of your favorites. Below, you’ll also find an interview with Luke Kelly, one of the hosts of 80 Days: an exploration podcast. Then if you’re looking to learn even more about our world after finishing this list, you can check out another Bored Panda piece featuring fascinating maps right here.

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