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This Dedicated Online Group Shares Photos Of “Unstirred Paint”, Here Are 30 Of The Most Eye-Catching Ones

Art is one of those subjects that very often calls out different yet interesting emotions and observations from people. Now we’ve been exposed to different kinds of art, seeing how artists use different methods, techniques, and tools to surprise or shock us even more. For example, this Reddit community, Unstirred Paint, which now has 635k members, is sharing pictures of cans of paint that feature astonishing and eye-catching paintings. Whether it’s a small abstract painting of a figure or a whole variety of colors mixed in one that remind us of unseen galaxies, it seems that people online enjoy this simple but genius idea to release their inner creator. Which one of these did you like best? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below and if you feel artistic, remember that all you need is just to grab a can of paint! 

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