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52 Times Older Generations Picked On Gen Z For Their Work Ethic

When you think of Gen Z, your mind might go to TikTok dances and fashion trends it seems like nobody over the age of 20 could pull off. This generation has minimal to no memory of life before smartphones, and they often use their online presences to discuss social issues and activism. When it comes to their role in the workforce, however, some older generations love to poke fun at Gen Z. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most blatant examples of older people having no faith in Gen Z, with a few posts sprinkled in of people praising the youth for their fresh mindset. Keep reading to also find an interview with Amanpreet Singh Gulati, who has experience working with young Zoomers. Enjoy seeing just how vast generational divides can be, and decide for yourself how you feel about this younger generation.

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